An anagram is a new word (or phrase) obtained by rearranging the letters of a word or phrase.

Longest word anagrams

  • carthorse = orchestra
  • unidentifiably = undefinability
  • dictionary = indicatory
  • cinematographer = megachiropteran

Phrase anagrams

  • decimal point = I'm a dot in place
  • astronomers = moon starers
  • eleven plus two = twelve plus one

Most anagrams of a word

Eight-letter words, five anagrams

  • respects, scepters, specters, sceptres, spectres
  • alerting, altering, integral, relating, triangle

Six-letter words, six anagrams:

  • palest, pastel, petals, plates, staple, pleats
  • caster, caters, crates, reacts, recast, traces
  • drapes, parsed, rasped, spared, spread, padres
  • merits, mister, timers, miters, mitres, remits

Five-letter words, seven anagrams

  • pares, parse, pears, rapes, reaps, spare, spear

Most anagrams by adding another letter to a word

For example, from the word "integers" you can add eight alternative letters and each time create a new anagram:

  • a "c" to give "secreting"
  • a "d" to give "deserting"
  • an "f" to give "festering"
  • a "g" to give "greetings"
  • an "m" to give "regiments"
  • an "n" to give "resenting"
  • a "p" to give "pestering"
  • and a "t" to give "resetting".

The best I can find is "angriest" which gives twelve alternative anagrams:

"breasting" "recasting" "gradients" "grainiest" "streaking" "triangles" "streaming" "serrating" "asserting" "restating" "signature" and "waterings".

Anagram games

If you like solving anagrams, see the game Conundrum on the Pencil and Paper Games web site.

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